Did you know that TNDR has a grant that supports all kinds of formal and informal activities? The TNDR grant can provide you with up to 5000 SEK and a maximum of 120 SEK/person.

Rules for grant application:

·      The event should be catered towards PhD students from TEKNAT.

·      The grant should be used to promote interaction between TEKNAT PhD students.
For example, events can target PhD students in at least three divisions OR the entire department OR across different departments OR towards whole TekNat OR target at (a) hobby / community channel(s) in TekNat PhD activities Slack

PS: The higher the potential of inclusion and reaching a wider student body, the higher the chances of being granted the finances for your idea.

The event should be open to all PhD students in the target divisions / department(s) / TekNat faculty (Application forms/ Invitation letter should be sent through …..@list.uu.se (e.g. ICM department list icm-doktorander@lists.uu.se or to at least three divisions email lists or If you are targetting in hobby/community channel(s) in TekNat PhD activities Slack, you should also announce the invitation letter/application form in #general channel)

·      It is recommended that you budget the cost of the event per person. For example, ‘Fika for PhD students at the department of IT. We are buying cinnamon buns for 30SEK/person

We won’t grant you if any of below budget information is missing, it is important to have a detailed budget plan when you hand in the grant application.
– Approximately how much ppl you are expecting for the event
-the planned cost per person
-the total money you are applying for.)

·     To encourage organisers, pre-planning meetings could be reimbursed (up to 120 kr/person for organisers, up to 500 kr in total for pre-planning fika, lunches), this cost still is included in a total maximum 5000kr grant.

·      Due to the university rules, we cannot reimburse any alcohol-related purchases.

·      We don’t grant for recurring events, only for one of recurring events. (The first or the last event of your planned recurring events). If it is a year-recurring event, just write a new application each year.

·      Important to know: You apply for the money wrote in your budget plan and then TNDR board will decide how much to grant you in the end.

Rules for reimbursement:

·      Please scan your receipts and send them together with the reimbursement form to TNDR’s treasurer to get reimbursed. Please write accordingly in the email subject: TNDR grant reimbursement – GRANT TITLE – FIRST NAME LAST NAME.

·      Physical receipts need to be sent to the Treasurer using the university’s internal mail. 

Below are examples of events that TNDR has granted money for:

·      Semmelfika for all PhD students at the department of IT

·      Scavenger hunt for PhD students on Campus Gotland

·      Kubb-tournament for TEKNAT PhD students

Finally, we would appreciate it if you could send us some pictures of the event to promote the grant on our website and to inspire others to apply for the TNDR grant. Please ensure that everyone in the pictures consents to us sharing the photos.