Faculty Board of Science and Technology (FN)

The board of the faculty of science and technology (Fakultetsnämnden)

TNDR’s representatives 2022/2023

  • vacant (regular)
  • vacant (deputy)
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About the area board/faculty board of science and technology

According to the rules of procedure of Uppsala university (“Uppsala universitets arbetsordning UFV 2017/95“):

The task of the area board/faculty board is to (within its scientific area)

  • maintain overall responsibility for operations within the limits set by the university board and the vice-chancellor,
  • and 16 other tasks, which you can read all about in the rules of procedure of the area of science and technology (Teknat activity plan 2019).

By decree of the vice-chancellor, the area board/faculty board of science and technology consists of 21 members:

  • chair (also dean of the faculty, also vice-rector of the university),
  • deputy chair (also deputy dean, also deputy vice-rector),
  • twelve teachers,
  • two PhD students,
  • three students,
  • two external members.

The PhD student and student representatives shall have at least two substitutes in total.
The teachers’ representatives and the external members are elected by the electoral assembly of the faculty board.
The PhD students and student representatives are elected by the student union.