The doctoral board of Uppsala University (DN)

The doctoral board of Uppsala University (Doktorandnämnden) fills an important role as the central monitor and coordinator of all PhD student-related issues, for all PhD students at Uppsala university.

PhD students are also defined as students, and the student union (“Uppsala studentkår”) organises all PhD students through the Doctoral Board (“Doktorandnämnden”), which in turn summons and coordinates PhD students from each PhD student council (“fakultetsdoktorandråd”, such as TNDR). The Doctoral Board (“Doktorandnämnden”) has been delegated the power to handle all issues related to PhD students from the general assembly of the student union (“Uppsala studentkårs fullmäktige”).

TNDR’s representatives at the doctoral board (“Doktorandnämnden”) 2022/23:

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Representatives’ reports

  • Doctoral board 2015-16 The Doctoral Board works to ensure that those conducting PhD studies at Uppsala University are able to do so with security and legal certainty, from admission until disputation. It is a highest body for doctoral students at the university.Report date: Thursday, February 4, 2016
  • PhD students’ board 2013Please see the attached pdf for my report.Report date: Sunday, May 12, 2013