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TNDR Annual meeting 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 11:15
Beurlingrummet at Ångström (Ang/10238)
At the annual meeting, we will elect the new board for the next academic
year, and also a number of representatives on university level boards and committees. 
The current board will also present what we have done during the past year.

The agenda for the meeting and previous meeting minutes are attached. 
Please note that, the activity report (annual report) for 2014-15 and activity
plan for 2015-16 will be sent out in a separate email.
The election committee is still opened for nominations, if you are interested in being 
part of the board or being a student representative on any university level board or 
committee, please contact the election committee from the following link:
It is a lunch meeting and so if you plan on attending, please email Erwin Alhassan (TNDR Chair) **before Tuesday, May 26**
so we know how much sandwiches and cookies to order.