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PhD student GlöggFIKA

on Fri, 2012-12-14 16:39

Ho ho ho dear friends and colleagues,

it's been pretty cold lately and we can't risk cooling down the brains of all PhD students.
therefore, TNDR decided to provide some warm drinks next week:

you're all very welcome to TNDR's second and already infamous

Glögg, Glühwein, mulled wine, vino caliente, 热红葡萄酒 , you name it - FIKA!
17th dec, 3 p. m., Lunch room 14167 (4th floor above south entrance), Ņngström

Gingerbread, raisins, nuts and so on will be provided as well.

PhD student After-Work

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 18:00
Smålands nation

Hej friends!
The doctoral board at the Uppsala student union invites PhD students from the entire university to the "PhD student after-work". Come to have meet and mingle with new and old friends over some food and drinks.
No nationcard? Shoot a message with your NAME and PERSONAL NUMBER to (at the latest 28/11 3pm) and you'll find your name on the list.

More info on facebook:

See ya there, be square!

Open Access explained (video)

on Sat, 2012-10-27 13:20

Today is the last day of Open Access Week, where all things OA are heralded. If you had no idea, don't panic! Your diligent colleagues at TNDR are busy at work for you, bringing you the greatest of the latest.
Whether you already have a dozen publications under your belt or none yet, you should watch this animated presentation explaining the concept of scientific Open Access publication. Enjoy!

To learn more, perhaps these sites could provide a good start:
[Open Access Week]
[KB's portal on Open Access] (in Swedish)
[Directory of Open Access Journals]

Thanks to Byte Size Biology for bringing the video to our attention.

Pedagogic plan of action

on Fri, 2012-10-12 18:20

We talked about this plan for 2013-2016 at our last meeting, and now it has been approved by the faculty board. Basically, it contains rules and guidelines about how to continue improving the teaching at our faculty, and this plan now includes PhD studies. The original swedish version can be found here, and my own translation/summary about stuff related to PhD students here.

Enjoy reading,


Summary of TNDR meeting on 6 sep

on Tue, 2012-09-18 22:34

For all of you who missed the meeting (or if you just want to refresh your memory about what happened), the TNDR board proudly presents: Meeting summary in english! (for swedish, look at the minutes which will be up shortly)


TNDR meeting, september 6 2012

We elected some representatives for positions that were left empty at the last general meeting. Marie Anderson is now the substitute for the recruitment committee, Andreas Frisk is our representative to the Centrum for accelerator and instrument development and Fredrik Wahlberg is represneting us at the UPMARC board. We still have some positions open: library collaboration committee, substitute for the assistant profersorship committee and substitute for the UPMARC board.

At the meeting we also talked about the proposal from the vice-chancellor for abolishing the study grant ("utbildningsbidrag"), the PhD students think this is a good idea but our faculty has issued a statement with a negative view of the proposal. The proposal  will be discussed at the university board ("konsistoriet").

We have also discuss the "Pedagogic plan of action for the teknat faculty, 2013-2016" (my own translation). A big difference from the previous plan is that now PhD students are included in the plan specifically. One of the points in the plan is to make an introductory course mandatory for all PhD students, and this led to some more discussion. Some people think it's good to have and introduction mandatory, so that supervisors can't keep their PhD studnets from attending. Others thinks these courses should not be mandatory, since if they are good people will go there anyway, and if they are made mandatory but they are bad it will just be a waste of time. We concluded to leave it in the plan, but the representatives at the graduate education board shall raise this question with the course leaders (if you have any specific comments, you can send them to

Then Ling informed about upcoming social events: fika at the end of september and pizza night in october. More info will come.

Representatives from different boards informed about what's been going on:
- at the graduate education board, the pedagogic plan and the grant abolishing were discussed. At this time, we also talked about the course in research ethics and the representatives will take this up in the graduate education board (complains about the existing CRB course and possibility to take courses organiaed by someone else).
-the PhD student board at the university level discussed teaching, swedish course for PhD students from other countries than Sweden and visa for PhD students (now there is only the regular student visa).