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PhD student After-Work

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 18:00
Smålands nation

Välkommen på doktorand-after work arrangerat av Doktorandnämnden, Uppsala Studentkår. Kom och träffa nya och gamla doktorandkompisar från hela universitetet. Vi finns på Smålands nations från kl 18 torsdagen den 14/Mar/2013. Det finns gott om plats då vi har lilla festsalen 1 trappa upp för oss själva. Välkomna!

Welcome to PhD student after work, arranged by the Doctoral Board at Uppsala Student Union. Come and meet new and old PhD friends from all parts of the university. We'll meet at Smålands nation from 6 pm thursday march 14th. There´s plenty of space as the 'lilla festsalen' upstairs is reserved for us so there's room for everyone.
Warm welcome!

Inbjudan har gått till alla som är med i vår fb-grupp för doktorand-after work, men se gärna till att bjuda in alla era doktorandkompisar hit till eventet!

Spread the word!


Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 18:30
Smålands nation

Welcome to the 2013 PhD student dinner and party!

Saturday, 13/Apr/2013, 18:30, Smålands nation, open until 02:00!
350 SEK, alcohol-free: 300 SEK (No nationcard required)
Dresscode: black tie

Registration latest by 25/3:
(1) send an e-mail with allergies, food and drink preferences and your name to:
(2) and transfer corresponding amount to:
Uppsala studentkår, postgiro 5372-8, state “name + 13/4”
(it's also possible to pay cash at Uppsala studentkår, Övre slottsgatan 7)

大家好,非常高兴邀请大家参加于2013年4月13日,星 期六,在Smålands nation举行的PhD 晚餐聚会活动( PhD gasque)。本次活动的注册费是350SEK (无 酒精饮料:300 SEK ),无需出示nation卡。着装要求--- black tie。报名参加的 同学只要按一下两个步骤注册即可,注册时间不晚于2012年3月25日。
(1) 发送邮件到, 注明姓名,食物饮料的相关要求就。
(2) 汇寄相应金额注册费到: Uppsala studentkår, postgiro 5372-8, 注明 "姓 名+13/4", 也可以直接现金交付,地点是Uppsala studentkår, Övre slottsgatan 7。

Summary of TNDR meeting on 28 nov

on Mon, 2013-02-04 19:36

Aaand, one more meeting summary! in english! And with highlights chosen by myself and in no way approved by the board:


TNDR meeting, November 28 2012
With this meeting we managed to fill the remaining posts with representatives! Maryam Montazerolghaem is the representative to the Scholarship committee, Giovanny Parada is the substitute to the Assistant professorship committee and Andrea Mattera is substitute to the UPMARC board. We also elected Wei Li and Andrein Francisco to the election committee.
Taha has found the faculty's "language plan", valid 2010-2013, and will post a summary on the web page. Some main points are that courses in how to teach in English for students which do not have English as mother tongue and also courses in how to teach in Swedish for teachers that do not have Swedish as mother tongue, should be organized regularly.
About social activities:
- a TNDR PhD student day should be held during spring 2013. Giovanny, Andreina and Ling were chosen to work with this, but we still want more people to help, and will talk about this next meeting again. The budget is 5000 Sek.
- Sofia talked about the lab-rallies, an idea the board had to organize an event when we can walk around the campuses and look at labs with cool things. If you have some cool equipment or know of a cool lab, please let us know! The date for this is still completely open, it is mainly ideas we are after now.
- there was a glöggfika in December and the university PhD board had an after-work in the end of November
Some messages from representatives:
- the faculty board has elected FUAPs (professors responsible for graduate education) in several subjects and it was decided that the IT department will move. The board will move forward with the plans for new buildings: house 9 and the new house where the north parking lot is now.
- At the graduate education board (FUN) the financing of PhD students with scholarships was again discussed and a proposal was sent to the faculty board. This was later approved (we will talk about at the next meeting) and means that new PhD students with scholarships will get the same amount of money, nett value, as a PhD student with employment. The intro-courses were also discussed and any opinions on them should be sent to Li Caldeira Balkeståhl.
- the university PhD student board had a meeting about the government bill "Research and Innovation", and are also working on making an information brochure about PhD studies. Sofia will join the group working on that and once it is done we could hand it out during the introduction courses.

Summary of TNDR meeting on 22 oct

on Mon, 2013-02-04 19:32

Well well, as you might have noticed, there is a meeting coming on february 7th, and, just in time for this meeting, I bring you an english summary of the previous meetings! They even get a blog entry each.


TNDR meeting, October 22 2012

We elected some representatives: Umut Cindemir is our new representative to the Library council and Karoline Fritzsche is our new substitute representative to the university wide PhD student board.

We also tried electing an election committee but were at the time unable to find any candidates.

Sofia informed about the boards decision to choose Susanna Kaufman Eriksson to be PhD consultant for the faculty's election committee in their work with a new "arbetsordning", the rules that say how the faculty should be run and who is responsible for what.

There were also some social activities organized during October, November and December.

Some big news that might affect you is that the faculty has decided to accept other research ethics courses than the one given by the center for research and bioethics (CRB). Now they are recommending the course called Technology, research and ethics (given by the IT department), the course from CRB is also ok and you can even study research ethics somewhere else. The course has to be at least 2 hp, and if you take another course that is not the two listed here, you have to get it approved by the graduate education board (FUN).

During this meeting we also discussed how hard it is to find housing and how we could work to improve the situation. On tip was for PhD students to use, the housing web page of the student union. We decided to appoint a working group to look into the options, and Karoline Fritzsche and Murielle Ålund were chosen to be in this group. If you want to work with this, contact them!

Taha also introduced the topic of courses in Swedish for non-Swedish speaking PhD students, and we found out that there are lots of differences in how this is handled across the faculty. We should try to take this up at the faculty level to get a more homogeneous situation.

The representatives then informed about the different committees and boards.
 -From the faculty board, there were discussions about the IT department moving to Ångström, talk about courses to cut back on and also that the center for accelerator and instrumentation would be merged with the workshop.
 - the graduate education board has been discussing financing for PhD students on scholarships.
 - at the PhD student board at the university there has been talk about the governments "research and innovation" bill, and also discussions about Swedish for non-Swedish speakers.
 -at the library council there were discussions about web resources and how to finance these. Umut asked them if the opening hours could be extended, but they said no. It came up during our meeting that PhD students have access to the library even outside opening hours, using the access card to get in and filling in a loan form.
 - Kiran informed about the recruitment committee and that there have been lots of meetings and work.

Another important point: Doing master courses! If you come from outside the EU and would have to pay for a course as a master student, then you should not apply for it by (if you would not have to pay anyway, you can go ahead and apply there). Instead, you should talk to the teacher and maybe your supervisor, and if possible, a new course at PhD-student level should be made. You will then be on the same lectures, but registered on another course. This is not a very good solution, but the only one that has come up. It might be a bigger problem if you want to do a course at another faculty/university. Always make sure to write any such courses in your study plan, so that they are seen to be part of your PhD studies.