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TNDR grants

TNDR Grant:

Twice a year TNDR offers TNDR grant: a small financial support (up to 1000 SEK) for PhD students of the Faculty of Science and Technology to organize projects or events involving other PhD students from our faculty. The criterions for application are:

  • Involving PhD students from various departments
  • Involving a large number of students
  • Promoting interaction and exchange of PhD students
  • A creative project proposal
  • A realistic budget


Some examples of previously accepted proposals:

  • Kubb-tournament (Kubb is Swedish an outdoor game) for PhD-students
  • Fika during “Shut-up-and-write” sessions at EBC
  • Seminar about non-academic career options at BMC and EBC

To apply, please fill up this form by 15th October.


TNDR Operational Grant:

TNDR also offers a small financial grant to support PhD representation on department level. Each department can apply for max 1000 SEK. The application should be sent in a written form to the TNDR board at any time throughout the year. The TNDR board will then decide about the funding at the next board meeting.

What can the operational grant be used for?

The operational grant can, for example, be used for fika or lunch, for a meeting with the department PhD students to discuss PhD representation at the department level.The TNDR operational grant is not meant for social activities including PhD students from different departments. If you want to organize an event like that, you can apply for the TNDR grant!

How can I get reimbursed?

If you have been granted the TNDR operational grant, you can get reimbursed by sending the TNDR reimbursement form together with the receipts to TNDR’s treasurer

Please fill up this form to apply.