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TNDRUppsala student unionPhD students' board (DN) Neil De Kock ...Uppsala universityUniversity scholarship board VacantBiology 182 (21%)Dept of Ecology and Genetics 82 (10%)Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology 

 67 ...Dept of Organismal Biology 
 33 (4%)Mathematics and Computer Science 

 1 ...Dept of Information Technology 

 128 (1 ...Dept of Mathematics 

 32 (4%)Technology 

 152 (18%)Dept of Engineering Sciences 

 152 (18% ...Physics 

 146 (17%)Dept of Physics and Astronomy 

 144 (17 ...Swedish Institute of Space Physics 

 2  ...Chemistry 

 122 (14%)Dept of Chemistry - Ångström 

 72 (8%)Dept of Chemistry - BMC 

 50 (6%)Earth Sciences 

 88 (10%)Dept of Earth Sciences 

 88 (10%)Faculty of science 

 and technology 

  ...Faculty board (FN) 

 Rasmus Luthander 
 ...FN Research subcommittee 


 ...FN education 

 subcommittee Dorothea ...FN collaboration 


 Pett ...Graduate educational board (FUN) 

 Kath ...Assistant professorship committee 

 Joh ...Recruitment committee 

 Nino Amvrosiadi ...Board for appointment of excellent teach ...Faculty scholarship board 

 VacantLibrary collaboration committee 

 Claud ...The gender equality committee  

 Doroth ...International science programme 

 Neil  ...Centre for discipline-based 

 education ...Centre for accelerator and 

 instrument ...Centre for interdisciplinary 

 mathemat ...UPMARC 
 Stavros Aronis (Reg) 
 Vacant ...UPPMAX 

 Anastasia KruchininaJoint TekNat unitsUppsala Centre for Sustainable Developme ...Tandem LaboratoryInternational Science Programme (ISP)


The above illustration outlines who TNDR represents, and who, in turn, represents TNDR at various boards and committees.
Clickable entities are highlighted on mouse-over. Click on the links in the map to learn more about that board or committee.

If you are interested in representing your fellow PhD students in any board or committee, please get in touch with the election committee or the TNDR board for more information.

TNDR represents you at:

University-wide committees, boards, etc.
Faculty-wide committees, boards, etc.
Other committees, boards, etc.