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Nämnden för antagning av excellenta lärare

The following people are TNDR's elected representatives to the "nämnden för antagning av excellenta lärare" 2016-17

  • Kristina von Hausswolf (regular)

The following people are TNDR's elected representatives to the "nämnden för antagning av excellenta lärare": 2015-16

  • Iulia Brumboiu (regular)

Representatives' reports

  • Board of Admission for Excellent Teachers (2015-16)

    The Board of Admission for Excellent Teachers decides if the title of 'Excellent Teacher' is to be awarded to a teacher at the TekNat. The board analyses the applications, sends them to experts in the in the field, decides if the applicant can be called for an interview and, finally, if they are awarded the title or not.
    Report date: 
    Thursday, February 4, 2016
  • Board for adm. of excellent teachers 2013

    During the past year, I've served as the PhD student representative on the board of admissions for excellent teachers (lets call it BAET henceforth...). The BAET is made up of a number of senior lecturers representing all departments at TekNat, plus a PhD student representative (me!) and two student representatives. The rationale behind the BAET is that there has been no real progression, or career paths available for academics who are primarily teachers instead of researchers. If you're a good researcher, you'll get your docent, followed by the professor title if you're lucky. University teachers, on the other hand, are just lecturer, full stop. Therefore, the title "excellent teacher" is supposed to be the career equivalent of a docent for university teachers. And by equivalent, I mean both in terms of merits, status and slightly higher salary. The BAET is still a very new project, and in fact I joined it right at the beginning about one year ago. Therefore, the first half-year, the committee was fully occupied just setting up the new routines and preparing for the first round of applications. During this start-up phase, we had a lot of help from colleagues in Lund who have had an equivalent project running for about a decade. We received the first round of applications before Christmas. The applications that fulfilled the formal requirements were sent to external examiners who supplied us with written statements concerning the merits of the applicants. These statements, together with the original application and an interview with the applicant allowed the BAET to reach a decision which applicants should be awarded the title "excellent teacher". All in all, 11 of the ~18 applicants were awarded the Excellent teacher title, and we have now started working on the second round of applications. From the PhD perspective, there are two things of note. 1) It is entirely possible for a teacher to receive the title "excellent teacher" based entirely on supervision of PhD students. In other words, high quality supervision is actually finally encouraged in more than just words. 2) This development is interesting for our future careers as fully grown PhD's. I feel this gives us an extra incentive to focus on developing our own teaching and pedagogic skills/knowledge.
    Report date: 
    Sunday, May 12, 2013