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International science programme

The following people are TNDR's elected representatives to the international science programme:

International science programme 2016/17

  • Neil de kock (regular)

International science programme 2015/16

  • Sravani Musunuri (regular)

Representatives' reports

  • International science program 2013

    The meeting was a lot of book-keeping (long-term budget items), and quite a bit that I could not follow, since it was my first time attending one of these meetings. However, I spoke with several of the main chairpeople for ISP during the "fika" breaks, especially regarding the PhD student representative's role in the ISP. The ISP only meets once a year, so every year there is a different PhD rep - sometimes they show up, sometimes not. They felt that it is useful to have a student representative, especially since the ISP funds PhDs coming from abroad. I would suggest that, if possible, this position should be a 3-year appointment, not a one year appointment for the PhD student rep. Some information that is relevant to PhD students: ISP supports a variety of collaborations, especially between Sweden and developing countries. These are summarized on their website, and may be of interest to some research groups. The ISP also provides grants through Sida for Minor Field Studies (MFS) to masters students (must be Swedish citizen or permanent resident) for up to 25.000 SEK to fund excursions to developing nations. There is a stipend deadline every spring and autumn.
    Report date: 
    Sunday, May 12, 2013