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TNDR electable positions

on Sun, 2015-04-19 20:29

Summer is quickly approaching, and with it the next TNDR annual meeting. One of the main purposes of the annual meeting is to elect people to TNDR's board and all the representative positions that TNDR appoints.
In a an effort to increase the transparency of these elections and the interest among the PhD student corps, the TNDR board, on behalf of the election committee, is pleased to present a schematic summary of all positions that TNDR manages, including their main duties and, where applicable, their monetary or temporal compensation.
All positions are elected, and as such considered trustee positions.

If you are interested in any of the positions below you should get in touch with someone from the election committee.
If you have any inquiries, send e-mail to any of the election committee members. 

The board of TNDR consists of six positions, as per the current bylaws.
Number of meetings are per semester, unless otherwise stated. Compensation is per academic year.

Note that, the following are minimum number of compensation days. It is possible to get morre compensation days.

TNDR boardNo. of meetingsSWEDISH REQUIREMENTSMain taskCompensation
ChairOrdförande3 plus 3Chair or Vice Chair Plans, organizes and executes TNDR's work.4000 SEK+
30 days
Vice chairVice ordförande3 plus 3Chair or Vice Chair Stand-in for the chair, helps other board members as needed.2000 SEK+
10 days
SecretarySekreterare3 plus 3NoWrite and maintain meeting minutes.2000 SEK+
10 days
TreasurerKassör3 plus 3Understand Swedish Manage the budget and TNDR's bank account2000 SEK+
5 days
WebmasterInformationsansvarig3 plus 3NoMaintain and develop information infrastructure, both physical and virtual.

2000 SEK+

5 days

Social organizerSocialt ansvarig3 plus 3NoPlan social activities and other communal events.

2000 SEK +

5 days each

MemberLedamot3 plus 3No 

2000 SEK +

5 days

And associated with the board, but not formally part of it, we have an accountant and an election committe, whose jobs are mostly confined to a short period prior to TNDR's annual meeting.

FunctionSwedish RequirementsMain taskCOMPENSATION
AuditorRevisorSwedish reading-skills necessaryCheck that the financial activity of the board is as formally stated. 

Chair Election committee

Valberedning TNDR     No Find and nominate candidates for positions at TNDR's board, as well as all representatives.   5 days


TNDR elects representatives to university-level body: the PhD student board, which is part of the student union (Uppsala studentkår).

BodyNo. of positionsNo. of meetingsSwedish RequirementsExtra-meeting dutiesCompensation
The doctoral board of Uppsala University / Doktorandnämnden2 regular,
2 subst.
10 meetings/YearAt least one representative should understand SwedishSome preparation required8 days

At the TekNat faculty, TNDR has monopoly on PhD student representation and elects representatives to several committees besides the faculty board itself.
Number of meetings are per semester, unless otherwise stated. Compensation is per academic year, unless otherwise stated.

Details about temporal compensation can be found in TEKNAT 2016/6 and UFV 2014/72. The resolutions determine the minimum compensation. The prolongation is paid by the faculty and must be applied for before finishing the PhD studies. For further questions, see contact details in the documents or ask the chair of TNDR.

Additional details about the compensation for the positions in faculty and university can be found here.

BodyNo. of positionsNo. of meetingsSwedish RequirementsExtra-meeting dutiesCompensation
The faculty board / Fakultetsnämnden1 regular,
1 subst.
3Strictly SwedishExtensive preparation required500 SEK/meeting+
15 days
Graduate educational board / Forskarutbildningsnämnden2 regular3-4Understand SwedishSome preparation required, correspondence15 days
Faculty scholarships committee / Fakultetens stipendienämnd1 regular1Understand SwedishLittle to no preparationNone***
The library council / Teknats biblioteksråd1 regular3    SwedishLittle to no preparation5 days
The recruitment committee / Anställningsberedningen1 regular,
1 subst.
1 per monthSwedish, and EnglishExtensive preparation required52/26 days,
(20/10% employment**)
The Docentship Committee / Docenturnämnden1 regular
3Understanding Swedish necessarySome preparation required5 days
The equal opportunities committee / Fakultetens jämställdhetsutskott1 regular 

 Understanding Swedish


7 days

Board for appointment of distinguished university teachers / Nämnden för antagning av excellenta lärare1 regular Understand Swedish 5 days

**The Recruitment committee regular position can be shared by two people, each receiving 10% employment and 500 SEK per meeting they attend.  They should then split attending meetings equally, and may never attend the same meeting together. For the recruitment committee 500 SEK per meeting is only paid one time per year, in July the year after you started (but one month after the last meeting).

***The compensation length can be negotiated by the position-holder (keep track of amount of time spent, apply to the faculty board at the end of the year for compensation).


TNDR also elects representatives to a few other boards associated with the faculty.

BodyNo. of positionsNo. of meetingsSwedish Requirements Extra-meeting duties


International science programme (ISP)1 regular2-3 No    Light   preparation  None
Centre for Discipline-based Education Research  (MINT)/ Centrum för ämnesdidaktisk forskning1 regular2-3 per semesterSwedish    --

Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIM)/ Centrum för interdisciplinär matematik

1 regular2-3 per semester  No   


TANDEM Board2 regular3Swedish --


1 regular

2-3 per semester




Centre for image analysis (CBA)1 regular-No --
Centre for Natural Hazards and Disaster Science1 regular-No --
Centre for neuron scattering1 regular-No --
Centre for photon science1 regular-No --

Moreover, TNDR elects representatives to a few other subcommitees associated with the faculty.

Additional details about the compensation for the positions in faculty and university can be found here.





2 regular      Yes 26 days (10% employment) 
1 regular     Yes   7 days 
1 regular      Yes  5 days 

Additional details about the above positions (including comments by the incumbents) can be found here.

Last but not least, TNDR elects representatives for UTN (Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students).

PositionNo. of positionsMeetingsSewdish requirementsDutiesCompensation
Safety officer1 regular---NoRepresent TEKNAT PhDs in work environment issues and work for a satisfactory work environmentNone
UTN council meeting representative

1 regular

2 deputies

3 per semesterYes (understand in written and verbal communication)Attend the council meetings300SEK/meeting
UTN election commmittee representative

1 regular

1 deputy

1-3 per semesterYes (understand in written and verbal communication)Attend the election meetings300SEK/meeting