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PhD salary

   Uppsala University has rule of equivalent salary for every PhD student.  Most of the scholarship students get some part of the salary from some external scholarship agencies and rest of the salary should be compensated by a department according to the university guideline. The salary ladder is decided by the negoatiation between the employee association and Uppsala Unversity every year and it can be found here in swedish

For 2019, the PhD salary has been stated to be as follows (information is taken from Saco-S at Uppsala University):



SALARY before tax (SEK/month)

Starting salary

Year 2

Year 3

50 %

80 %






    Here 50% and 80% reffer to percentage of study time until the doctoral examination (corresponds to 24 and 38 months of full study).

   The taxation method can be found here.


  1.       Open the skatteverket site. Fill in:
  2.       Inkomstår/year -> 2019
  3.       Kommun/municipality -> Uppsala
  4.       Församling/community -> Uppsala Domkyrkoförsamling – this depends on place of residence
  5.       If you are a member of “Svenska kyrkan”/Swedish church, tick the box “Medlem i Svenska kyrkan”
  6.        Press on “Hämta skattetabell”
  7.       Open the pdf 
  8.       The pdf shows the tax for every salary interval, for example 25,000 SEK is in the interval 24801 – 25000 SEK. The first column shows the tax on salaries.
  9.       Subtract the tax from the salary.
  10.       If you have a scholarship, then your compensation should be equal to the difference between this amount and the scholarship.

     Please contact us if you have any quesions!