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In this section we want to collect all the important information about planning/pursuing PhD studies in Uppsala University, as a list of questions (Q:) and answers (A:). If you have a specific question and you couldn't find an answer on it OR need help to figure something out (related to your studies), please don't hesitate to contact any member of TNDR board. We will try to help you and update this section together with you!

Q: What is TNDR and why they exist?

A: TNDR is a PhD student organisation, working for PhD students, in particular TekNat PhD students at Uppsala University. TNDR takes care of organizing social events to bring PhD students together, TNDR grants up to 1000 SEK for activitites organized by PhD students for PhD students and of course, TNDR supports PhD students during their studies. For example, during TNDR Council meetings, TNDR elects representatives of PhD students at various boards all across Uppsala University. These representatives collect and spread the information about innovations and updates, happening during board meetings.

Below one can see the figure, where schematically illustrated the relation between a PhD student and various univeristy boards, connected via TNDR Council.

Q:  What about PhD student salary, how high is it and what is left after the tax? 

A: Before the tax, PhD student at TekNat has the following stairs of salary:

Starting salary, 1st year - 27300 sek

2nd year - 28100 sek

3rd year - 28500 sek

50 %  - 30200 sek

80 % - 32900 sek

The last percentage rates refer to the time passed towards doctor exam (24 and 38 months correspondingly). With the help of skatteverket website, one may calculate after tax salary.

Q: I would like to meet my representatives, how can I do it?

A: Most of representatives meet during TNDR Council meetings, about once a month. Time and place for such meetings is usually announced by email and posted on the website in calendar and home sections. If the issue is urgent, you may also contact representative directly via email.

Q: I am freshly enrolled PhD student, where can I get overview on PhD studies, what's important?

A: Most of the important information for new PhD students can be found here in two languages: swedish and english. There you can find information and further links about vacations, scholarships, sick leave, teaching, students unions and even about language course (swedish), given for free for PhD students.